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Looking to shape up, lose weight or change your lifestyle in 2017? Worried you have been here before and are wondering just how long your healthy mindset will last for? Don't worry, you've got this and it's far easier than you might think!

Just because it's a new year and we possibly over indulged at Christmas or perhaps had a crappy 2016 doesn't mean we suddenly have to sweat it out at the gym for hours every day or go in search of a new 'me'! I mean, let's face it, life would be boring if we didn't allow ourselves to let go or to have a wobbly every now and then...

The important thing is to get back to feeling good in our bodies again and that is to find that healthy balance, to not worry and obsess over the negative but to fill our thoughts with positives instead. So we need to figure this out properly...we need to start the year with a healthy but realistic mindset and most of all DO GOOD things which make us FEEL GOOD and then watch because it won't take long for people to notice that you LOOK GOOD!

Find one GOOD THING thing to do EVERY day of the week which will make you FEEL GOOD - and this doesn't have to be exercise. If you are desperate to shed some pounds, then maybe exercise is the only thing which will make you really feel good. But don't stress about spending hours working out, make the activity between 30-60 minutes and use this time to solely concentrate on you and your goal!

Perhaps you want to learn to cook a new recipe, read an inspiring book or catch up with an old friend you've lost contact with recently? Make each day varied and note how each activity makes you feel after. When you regularly participate in activities which make you feel good, you will start to look good whether you've changed physically or not. You will regain that healthy glow, you will feel happier and less stressed and you will notice a shift in your mindset as you gain more control over your emotions and therefore actions.

As we know, our emotions are strongly connected to our appetite and sometimes if we are feeling low we turn to food to comfort us, or quite the opposite and we neglect our dietary needs. If we are feeling low we won't be walking around with our head held high and with a smile on our face, exuding beauty and confidence! Instead, we may look closed off and unapproachable and most of all unhappy. No one wants this!

So just because it's a new year, for me this doesn't mean there needs to be a new you... it just means we need to introduce something each day which will lift us, keep us motivated and feeling GOOD...then trust me, you will LOOK GOOOOOOOD!

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Up for it? Let me know what you're up to with a message or a photo on FB & Insta!

Lydia x

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