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Originally named Contrology, Pilates is an exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates (in the early 20th Century).


Pilates is a body conditioning form of exercise which will improve the way you utilise your body day to day. With particular emphasis on core strength, flexibility and mobility, regular pilates practise will improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension (to name but some benefits).

Pilates is classed as a muscle-strengthening activity, which alongside cardio workouts can help you maintain a healthy weight. There are many case studies to show pilates can provide effective pain relief to people with non-specific lower back pain. 

Pilates is relevant to everyone, from complete beginners, fitness enthusiasts, athletes and everyone in between. With the proper instruction and ongoing dedication, anyone can reap the benefits of Pilates.


Mixed Ability Mat Pilates | St Albans 

Weekly Mat Pilates with expert teaching and hands on guidance in a friendly and supportive environment. Leave knowing you've got the very best out of your body. Click here to book your class. 

Virtual Mat Pilates 

Looking to join an effective and enjoyable Pilates class from the comfort of your home?  Click here to book your online class. Join LIVE or enjoy the recording for up to 6 days.


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