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Pilates for Running

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Your core is a dynamo. From typing away at your computer to powering through the last mile of a (very) long run, all the muscles in your core are working overtime to stabilize your spine, which in turn keeps you stable and upright.

But if your idea of a core workout is crunches at the end of your run, you’ll wreak havoc on your lower back and, ultimately, your running performance.

That’s why you should consider adding Pilates in to your weekly exercise practise. Pilates targets not only the “six-pack” ab muscles (namely, the rectus abdominis and obliques), but also the glutes and the deep core muscles that support your spine. As a result, you build greater core strength and control, which leads to improved posture and a more efficient running form.

As a keen runner myself I've found Pilates a huge benefit to my running, helping me run faster, have better running form, avoid injury and post/during run aches and pains.

LYDIA.PILATES offers workshops covering exercises specific to helping running performance, improving alignment, posture and injury prevention. Included will also be a short Pilates inspired warm up and cool down for pre/post run and a series of stretches to target key muscles areas relevant to running.

If you'd like to get more info on when and where the next workshop is taking place, please get in touch. *Limited spaces*

Happy running for now!


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