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Why should I start Pilates?

This is a question you may have asked me already - and so you should, as I have the answers!

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Don't underestimate the results of Pilates...say hello to a healthy minded, fitter you!

Pilates is a low intensity form of exercise but amazing benefits and effective results come from attending a regular class.

I started Pilates over 10 years ago, I was in my teens. I have always loved exercising my body and dancing was a huge part of my childhood so I was instantly hooked when I came out of my first class with my very inspiring teacher Ceri (CeriSport). My muscles felt amazing as they had been worked and stretched so any tension, especially around my shoulders was released (I didn't realise there was any tension until after it had gone!), I was standing tall and aware of my abdominal muscles after being reminded of how I should be engaging them. Although I hadn't worked up a huge sweat, I felt as though my body had worked harder than a cardio session. This was the start of my Pilates journey...

Throughout the years I have dipped in and out of Pilates due to lifestyle changes (University, work etc) but when I was attending regular classes twice a week this was when I noticed the real differences in my body. My flexibility and strength continued to increase and I was so much more aware of my posture and at the most random of times (eating dinner, driving, waiting in a queue)! Vanity overruled these changes though (I'm only human!) - as what I was most impressed with was my toned abdominals as they looked better than ever, to see the difference made me feel really good and kept me motivated as I knew the regular and sometimes inconvenient classes were paying off! Alongside Pilates I eat a healthy diet and love to go running too and I believe all these factors have helped to develop my body in to the shape it is today.

Oh!...and say goodbye to stress

When you've been at work all day and the gym seems like a chore (sound familiar!?), Pilates provides a great escape and will make you feel relaxed, elated and in seriously fit shape. One of the essentials to this discipline is concentration. The art of being able to concentrate and block out all other thoughts. The aim is to be able to focus on each movement, with one movement flowing into the next, bringing your mind and body together. Trust me, this really works in helping us to forget the stresses of every day life and suddenly that stressful day at work is put to sleep.

These are just some reasons why I love Pilates! There are so many more benefits including increasing circulation, increasing balance and co-ordination, helping to release back pain etc.

Why don't you come along and try it for yourself? I would love to know how Pilates benefits you! Aside from private classes I am now teaching at Westoning Village Hall every Tuesday 6-7pm.

See you soon!


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