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5 Tips To Help You Reach Your Goals

Want to be fitter? healthier? happier? stronger? or richer? It's a great day out there so why not get motivated and set yourself some new goals!

Setting goals can be both fun and exciting as when it comes to setting your goals, the skies the limit. Often you will be amazed at what you can achieve, I recently learnt " isn't actually about achieving the goal that benefits us the most, but what we do and the person we become in order to achieve these goals that's the real benefit."

Goal setting can be really empowering, allowing us to gain focus, shape our dreams and take realistic actions to stretch and grow in ways that make us become better versions of ourselves. Life is designed so we look long-term but live short-term, which as we all know means obstacles often get in the way. This is why we should set short, middle and long term goals as small steps and daily actions working towards a long-term vision helps us to get past those hurdles and keep us on the straight and narrow. Remember though - the more powerful our goals are, the more we'll be able to act on them and the more likely we will be able to guarantee they happen.

So short term goals = to be achieved in a short period of time and are the stepping stones to the long term goals.

Long term goals = to be achieved in the future through actions taken to achieve short term goals

All goal should be SMART:

S: SPECIFIC - what exactly to you want to accomplish?

M: MEASURABLE - how will you monitor progress? Photos/Diary/Blog?

A: ATTAINABLE - what actions will you take to make this happen?

R: REALISTIC = stretch yourself, get out of your comfort zone - stay true to you!

T: TIME BOUND = Decide on a date when you are going to achieve this goal


Once you've set your goals - you need to resonate them by thinking about exactly WHY

you want to achieve that? It needs to be a strong, solid why because without one, when things get tough it’s what’s going to drive you and motivate you to keep pushing through! Know your why and keep it in the forefront of your mind each time you feel like quitting.


Visualisation is a super important tool in reaching your goals, visualisation is used by many athletes before games and allows you to imagine the end result - the place and feelings you associate with your goals. If you can’t see yourself achieving your goals, how are you every going to reach them? Visualise your success every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed to help push you closer to your goals. Once you visualise the end results - write down the daily action required to achieve them.


As above, writing down your goals takes them from being just an idea in your head to something you are going to do, it makes them real and also keeps you accountable towards achieving them. You should also tell your close friends and family your goals, this will help motivate you because every time you see those people they will be asking you about your goals. Keeping a journal is also a great idea, you can see what you’ve been doing each day to propel you towards your goals and also if you take a step back, you can see why.


Having an inspiration board helps you see what you want. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can set your board to private - so you don't have to share your goals with everyone. I'm in the process of filling my Pinterest boards up with lots of amazing content for you. On Pinterest you can create a vision board of all the things you want. When you’re feeling low on motivation, look at your vision board to relight that fire in your belly.

Now go get em!

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