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Soup for breakfast. Say what?

Having moved in to our lovely new home I have been getting up ridiculously early to take Billz to the train station - 5:40am to be exact (...I know!). When I get back home I don't feel like going back to bed, so I have resorted instead to productivity.

Today's task was to use the left over chicken stock from our roast on Monday and make a soup. WELL IT WAS A SUCCESS - so much so that I ate it for breakfast!

If you fancy a bit of 'soup-spiration' check out my homemade Chicken Soup recipe below. It was so simple to make and the recipe is really simple with just a few ingredients - so light on the pennies too! Plus I know exactly what went in to it and I can tell you it was all healthy stuff!


chicken stock

5x carrots

1x sweet potato

2x handfuls of kale


1. I used chicken stock left over from our roast chicken, this was strained and left to cool in a bowl.

2. Meanwhile I peeled 5x carrots.

3. Pop the carrots in a blender (I use my very reliable NutriBullet!) with a little chicken stock and whizz up for 20-30 seconds. Pour in to a seperate bowl.

4. Peel the sweet potato, dice up in to chunks and boil for 10 minutes or until soft.

5. Add the sweet potato in to the blender, add some more stock and whiz up for 20-30 seconds. Pour into bowl with carrots and stock mix.

6. Add any remaining stock to the mix but be careful as we don't want the soup to be too thin. Give it a good stir and then pour all the soup back in to the blender (in batches) for 10 second blasts to even it out and get rid of any chunks.

7. Once all the soup is blended and you have a nice consistency, enjoy with a piece of bread and save the left overs in the fridge ready for next time!

Give it a try and tell me what you think on Facebook /LydiaPilates.

Enjoy! x

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