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Why Corporate Pilates is a thing.

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With experience of working in a fast paced office environment and being used to having my bottom firmly stuck to the chair for the majority of the working day, I feel the real question here should be, why not Corporate Pilates?

For some of us exercising can be really quite tricky to fit in consistently each week, having to get there and back eats in to your day, classes can be held at inconvenient times, gym memberships can be EXPENSIVE (!) and frankly after a whole day at work, sometimes you just can’t be bothered and you want to do something which takes less effort - such as sipping on a G&T with friends. Yet sitting or standing every day can result in a variety of back, leg, foot and postural problems and ultimately costly absenteeism.

I totally get it – and that is why I am hugely passionate about promoting the benefits of Pilates in the workplace. Pilates can make a whole lot of difference to you and your working day, your attitude to work, your energy and stress levels, your posture, even the relationship between you and your colleagues. The best of it is, you’ve not had to venture off anywhere, as I can transform any space big enough into a mobile Pilates studio.

Aside from maintaining and restoring physical wellbeing, it can be particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from back pain or other musculoskeletal disorders. Pilates allows us to unwind and reset the stresses and strains our bodies ensure each day. So if your company has a focus on the wellbeing and health of their staff, then why not suggest a tailored Pilates class in your workplace for you and your colleagues before, during or after the working day? Practicing Pilates regularly can increase strength, improve flexibility, help to improve weight management, relieve stress and develop a strong and healthy posture.

I firmly believe in making exercise easily accessible for everyone – and Pilates can be practiced by almost anyone as exercises are catered to suit your needs and abilities. The purpose of these sessions is to bring the benefits of Pilates to you, so you can make time to exercise in a fun and supportive environment.

If you are interested - contact me!

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