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Pregnant Woman Working Out


Antenatal Pilates has a strong focus on core stability, strength and overall fitness and wellbeing during pregnancy. This is a time of significant change for the body and each of the sessions are an excellent way to help your body cope with the changes you’re undergoing and prepare it for the stresses to come.


You can start the course at any point during your pregnancy, most clients book several blocks to take them through to their third trimester. 

Classes are held in a calming and supportive environment so individual help and support is on hand if necessary. Qualifying with both APPI, leading Pilates and Physiotherapy body and FutureFit training, Lydia is qualified to guide you through Pilates exercises in a safe and effective manner to support you both mentally and physically before having your baby. 

LW also offers 1-1 and private group sessions if you'd prefer a tailored programme.


There are currently no upcoming pre/post natal courses.


After finding out I was pregnant, I discussed options with Lydia and soon started 1-1 classes - which were brilliant!! Full of professionalism, a calming voice and very well explained exercises throughout, you know exactly what you need to do and how to do it. Lydia listened each week to what my aches and pains were and tailored the session to suit. I felt so much better! Now, having had my baby boy, I am looking forward to getting back to classes after my 6-week check up with the doctor.



Staying in Shape


Post natal classes are the perfect way to ease back into exercise. With your body having been through many changes, it's extremely important to approach exercise in a careful and gradual way post-pregnancy to allow for the abdominal muscles to recover effectively. 


2/3 of women will experience a split in their rectus abdominis (the external abdominal muscle – six pack muscle), for some this will return to its original position with no additional effort required. For others, it requires careful progressions through a well-designed exercise programme to bring the sides of the muscles back together. It is important to avoid certain exercises at this stage so that the abdominal separation does not worsen. 


Classes will specifically target posture and addressing tummy issues, including exercises specific to post c-section and diastasis recti (abdominal separation). We will strengthen and tone other key areas which have weakened due to posture change from pregnancy such as the glutes and pelvic floor muscles. 


After giving birth, looking after a baby requires spending time in lots of static positions. The upper back curves forward when breastfeeding/holding baby and can become very stiff, causing back pain. Standing and walking with the baby on one hip can make this even worse! So specific maintenance stretches will help reduce back pain and release tension and tightness in the body. We will also cover exercises and techniques to improve posture and alignment of the pelvis and spine. 


As a new mum it is so very important to make time to focus on yourself, as well as caring for your baby. Our classes allow you to switch off from a busy brain and take some well deserved time out for you.  


You are welcome to join once you have had the go ahead from your GP following your 6 week check. Classes are friendly, informal and of course babies are welcome!


We have a childminder in the session who will watch over babies who typically range from six weeks through to just before they begin crawling. There is no need to worry if you think your baby might be disruptive, everyone is in the same boat and it's a really supportive environment to be in! Post natal classes are a great way to meet other local mums and usually the babies enjoy making friends too! 

There are currently no upcoming pre/post natal courses.

CLICK HERE to watch a client's review of their post natal Pilates journey​.


Level 3 Award in Designing Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programmes | 2017 | Future Fit Training

Ante and Post Natal | 2016 | APPI - The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute 

I attend Lydia’s post natal barre class and love it. Lydia is so friendly and motivating and the classes have really helped me to regain my strength and tone up. My little girl enjoys cuddles with the babysitter and I always feel great after class!



Awesome time at post natal Pilates today - thanks for a fantastic class, felt great all day.
Those of you thinking about taking a class, do it! Lydia is super friendly, supportive and knowledgeable- you won’t regret it. Fab to have the option of a child minder at the Wednesday post natal class too. Cannot recommend highly enough.



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