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September Solace | New Beginnings | Goals

Goal Setting

September is for new beginnings.

Find time this month to be kind to your body, to treat it kindly with a balanced diet, exercise and a whole lotta love! Septembers are for new beginnings, a chance for us to re-tune our mind and bodies and to prepare for the change of season.

I hope you found the chance to unwind and relax during the summer – although the majority of July and August brought us rain (thank you England), we can’t forget those scorchers back in May and June and hopefully you had a summer holiday in the mix too.

Now September is here, for a lot of people it is the perfect chance to have a life overhaul and therefore is the perfect time to set new goals for the winter months ahead. We all know how the shorter days can make us feel, and when the evenings become darker it can be so hard to find the motivation to get exercising and stay healthy – lets be honest sometimes big woolly jumpers and a hot chocolate by the fire is much more inviting…! So it is important to get ahead of ourselves and find exercise and recipes that we genuinely enjoy and which make us feel good whatever the weather.

On that note, make today the day for re-evaluating your life and setting some new goals! Goals are powerful, giving you the motivation and drive to achieve anything you desire. Be realistic but brave, set long and short-term goals, keep them somewhere safe so you can revisit them on a daily basis. The more we look over our goals the more we are likely to stick to our plan and achieve them! Here are my top tips to setting goals and nailing them:

  1. Choose one area of your life e.g. ‘Fitness’ - Evaluate how you currently feel about your fitness level. From 1-10 how fit are you? From 1-10 how happy do you feel in your body? From 1-10 how confident do you feel about your body? Do you want to be doing more exercise? Etc.

  2. Set yourself a long-term goal for your fitness – where would you like your fitness to be in 5 years time. This will help determine what steps you need to take in the short term and in the lead up to your big goal.

  3. Now make a short-term goal – in 3 months time how will you be closer to that long term goal. What daily/weekly actions will help you to increase your fitness level.

Here’s one example of a specific and realistic goal:

  1. Long-term goal – In 5 years time, I want to be practicing Intermediate Pilates exercises and exercising 4 times a week whilst weighing my perfect weight - one stone lighter.

  2. Short-term goal – In 3 months time I want to be attending Pilates twice a week, going for a 30 minute power-walk one morning a week and have lost 4lbs from my current weight.

  • Daily actions may include: Reading my goals, finding a motivational quote, looking at a motivational photo, booking a Pilates class, taking a walk, writing a food journal, reading an inspirational book, parking further away in the car park, taking the steps not the lift etc!

Start with a fitness goal and then do the same for other important areas in your life such as your health, finance, relationships and your career.

If you’d like more advice on setting goals – get in touch! I have a whole list of tips and tricks to get you started!

Happy September! Make it a good one. :)

Lydia x

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